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The aggegrated score for each title based on a multitude of different categories depending on the medium. Below is how the rating system is graded.


A perfect title. It excels on all fronts and there's no real complaints to be had.


A must-have. However, a few flaws prevent it from receiving a perfect score.


The title excels on most fronts but there are enough flaws that stop it from being a "must-have".


A decent entry but there is still a lot wrong with it.


The title has a lot of good things about it but they barely outweigh the flaws.


A mix of good and bad. Look somewhere else.


There are some really good things about the title but there are enough flaws to outweigh them.


The titles fails on most fronts. However, it has a couple redeeming qualities.


Only one or two things about the title works. Avoid it like the plague.

"Worst ever"

There is nothing about the title that works. The makers should go back to the drawing board.

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